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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted November 10, 2010

"Bachelor Mother" out on DVD via WarnerArchive...

...Well, Old C.K. over at 'Hollywood Dreamland' beat me to the 'breaking news' (nice work, Mr. Haven!) - but the Warner Archives has released "Bachelor Mother" on DVD! Here is the link below:,default,pd.html?cgid=ARCHIVENEW

Great to see another GingerFilm available, especially this one, which is honestly in my Top 5, period! The WB archive DVDs are very 'basic', with no 'extras', and usually a fair copy of the movie, but not restored... but this one would be worth it if you don't have it... I'm buying a copy, and I have it off of TCM already!

The only thing is, I am just not too fond of ANY of the posters for this movie I have seen thus far, and the one they use on this cover is among the 'least'...doesn't really look like either of them... oh well, no biggie... the one at the top here is probably the best of the bunch, although this 'Spanish' one below is the coolest one of Ginger - but ol' Dave is truly an 'afterthought' on this sheet!
Anyway, I hope this helps y'all out in your collection! Good to see WB still cranking them out... I will check on the other studios which are doing this (namely Columbia/Sony and 'tenatively' Fox)...hopefully we will see plenty more of GingerFilms, along with all the other great ones of the 'Golden Age'!

KIG, y'all!



  1. Most of my Ginger favs!
  2. I heard about this today and thought of you! Hope you are doing well honey! I'm having a giveaway for Christmas! Check it out!

    Kori xoxo
  3. This movie in on my Ginger top 5 too :p I have it in a very basic copy too. It's a collection of RKO dvd, with just the movie and a presentation by a critic. They haven't even put a poster on the cover, it's a screenshot lol
  4. Bachelor Mother is my favorite Ginger movie, so it's great that it's released to DVD. I wish they had restored it though. How was the quality of the TCM broadcast, Huey? When you receive your order if you have a chance, please compare the DVD and TCM quality of the movie for us.
  5. Tom: Definitely one of my 'top5' Gingers... it's generally a 'light' comedy, paced quite well - doesn't 'bog down', and doesn't get too 'intricate'...just a nice one to watch... and Ginger in the late 1930s (in her late 20s) may be the apex of her beauty, IMHO...although that may well be true for most ladies...

    Kori: Thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend as well...pretty nice from where I am - took of Thursday AND Friday, so will have to get back in 'work mode' by Monday :-/ Good to know about your giveaway! I will check it out over there...strangely enough, haven't been 'bolgging' much the last few days... there's always something needing to be done around the ol' house! Thanks again, Kori!

    Camille: Glad to hear you have a copy of it! The WB DVDs do not even have any commentary, languages, etc... it's just like recording it off of TCM! I wish WB would send these out to all regions... of course, the best thing would be to do away with the 'region' DVDs... guess they are worried about 'copying violations'... Hope you are doing well, Camille!

    Fioraon: Well, the TCM copy is pretty good... you know, I burned a copy of this movie for a friend, was the file from 'Gorg'... and it did not play on her DVD! So I had to do another copy from the TCM recording I did from did well. I will do a 'comparison and contrast' dissertation between TCM and WB copies...but honestly, I might wait a bit to buy - I hvae learned that WB knocks the price down $10 or so after 2-3 months... I bought 'Perfect Strangers' when it first came out, just because I hadn't seen it... it's just cool they are putting these out, so it's a 'support the effort' type thing...
    Hope YOU are well, Lady F!

    KIG, y'all!!!
  6. Oh! Wonderful! I saw this movie on TCM a while ago and loved it!
  7. Great to know!

    For years my only copy of this movie was recorded on VHS from a showing of the colorized version on TBS, hahaha! The colorizing was so horrible that when I'd watch it I'd adjust the color on the TV to black and white so that it would look normal. During Ginger Month on TCM I got the original black and white version recorded at last, but still, on VHS.
  8. JH: Hope you can snag a copy of it! The 'g' has one as well, and may be a fair copy - I taped it (yes, it can still be done...) from TCM, and burned it over to DVD...the copy is quite good... the majority of 'g' items are taken from TCM as well...but good for folks who don't have TCM, which evidently is quite a few more than I figured...

    OH - thanks for the post about the Dinah Shore with Ginger and Ida! I have seen the clips of Ginger and Dinah cooking...on YouTube... pretty interesting... wonder if that is the same episode? Ginger was on quite a few shows back in the 50s and 60s...even the 70's! I watched an entire episode of 'Hollywood Squares' once on Hulu, where Ginger was on, and she had two questions her way, and both were pretty 'abbreviated' maybe 10 seconds of camera time for each... dang it! Oh well, 15-20 seconds of Ginger is DEFINITELY better than nothing! :-]

    Thanks, JH! Hope you are doing well!

    Gingerella: Yeah, the colorization experiment just wasn't a good thing... although, being the 'completest' that I am, I wouldn't mind snagging a 'colorized' copy of ALL the Ginger movies which were altered as such... just the obsessive' G-ology collector that I am... be proud of me, tho... I have gone almost 3 MONTHS without even GLANCING at "eBay:Ginger Rogers, All Categories"... but, with 'Ho-Ho' rapidly approaching, I might peruse the current offerings... :-]

    VHS is not all that bad, really, if you have a fair player... I have a 'VCR-DVD' combo deal which you can 'burn' DVDs in. I haven't tried to 'burn' a DVD DIRECTLY from the TV, but I tape a movie, and then burn from the tape... I think I am scared the power will go out or something... well, that was primarily when I just HAD to record a Ginger movie I had not seen yet, just to make DANG sure I got the copy!... now that I basically have them all (except one...) I might go back next time one is on TCM and do the 'direct burn'...

    Hope you are well, Gingerella! Thanks for the info regarding the 'Colorized' editions!

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